Chemours chemical

dordrecht, olanda - raffreddamento processi industriali

Chemours chemical

The multinational CHEMOURS chemical, with its headquarter in Wilmington in the USA, came into existence upon the demerger of DuPont and it is a world leader in titanium technologies, refrigerants, fluoropolymers and chemical compounds. The liquid Chiller is installed at Dordrecht plant, where the production of fluoropolymers as Teflon ™ and Viton ™ take place. The unit, a watercooled liquid Chiller for indoor installation in super silenced version, is used for chilled water constant production for industrial process cooling. It features two Screw compressors on double cooling circuit and shell and tube exchangers and it operates with the innovative low-GWP refrigerant R513a.

The unit: 1 MaxiPower Watercooled liquid Chiller. Cooling capacity: 500 kW

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